Elephant Audiobooks is a full service producer of audiobooks. Our focus is to produce for you the very best audio version of your book. We provide an A-Z service, working with you to find the right narrator for your production, the right environments to record in, and the best sound for your finished product. Our narrator group is made up of some of the best voices in the industry. And, If you are an author looking to narrate your own book, we can provide for you direction and guidance throughout the entire recording process.

We have produced hundreds of audiobooks in all genres at our production studios in Arlington, MA including best sellers from New York Times, Business Week, Audible.com, and more. We are a small company and pride ourselves on being able to work hands on with our clients.

The company was founded by Massachusetts native Kenny Pappaconstantinou after years of having already produced a variety of audiobooks at the company’s studios outside of Boston, MA. Kenny began his career in 2005 working with a studio in New Hampshire producing audiobooks for the Library of Congress. He later opened his own studio for producing music and started to receive referrals for audiobook recording instead. Realizing the future growth of the audiobook industry, he decided to focus entirely on audiobooks and Elephant Audiobooks was born. 


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