Audiobook Recording and Production from Start to Finish.

We work with authors, publishers, and media companies around the world recording and producing audiobooks. We aim to always provide an amazing experience and final product. We work for many of the major publishers and specialize in working with authors that are looking to narrate their own audiobooks. If you are looking for a professional narrator our casting list is 100+ names strong and includes some of the best narrators available today.
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The Right People

Directors, producers, and engineers to guide you through the process. 


The Right Voices

An award winning cast of narrators to choose from. 

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The Right Environments

Recording studios perfect for audiobook recording.  


The Right Post

Audio editing, proofing, and mastering following the specs for all major distributors. 

Find out why more people are turning to Elephant for their audiobooks.

“I can’t imagine recording my books anywhere else. Kenny and the team are great to work with and give you the confidence to make the best possible audiobook!”

CC Chapman

Author of “Amazing Things Will Happen” and co-author of “Content Rules”

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