Our Process


We streamline the process of creating wonderful audiobooks.


Most audiobook projects follow the same structure and the process is always more or less the same. Our clients always want to know what our process is, so we’ve included a page here of the most basic production process for reference.


1. REVIEW THE BOOK – We get some information about the book and review the material.  We use this time to completely understand what the publishers and authors are looking for in their finished audiobook.

2. CAST THE NARRATOR – We find the best narrator for your audiobook based on our review of the material. We work with a long list of fantastic award winning narrators. Once a narrator has been selected, they will work with us to ensure quality control and accuracy.

3. PRODUCE THE AUDIO – Once we’ve ironed out all of the details with the narrator we are set to start producing the audiobook.

4. PROOFREAD THE AUDIOBOOK – Our staff will proof your audiobook and work with the narrator to make any necessary corrections.

5. DELIVER YOUR COMPLETED AUDIOBOOK – In general audiobooks are completely within 4-8 weeks. The better narrators are booked several weeks in the future, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. All of our projects are mastered following Audible.com and ACX.com guidelines

COST – We price audiobooks based on the finished length of the audiobook, what the industry calls “per finished hour”. Rates start at $325/per finished hour which includes the narrator fees and all production costs.