RELEASE – ‘The Ledger and the Chain: How Domestic Slave Traders Shaped America’ by Joshua D. Rothman

The Ledger and the Chain is a harrowing retelling of the of the domestic slave trade by author and renowned historian Joshua D. Rothman. This story retraces the lives and careers of Isaac ...
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RELEASE – “The Unbroken” by C.L. Clark

The Unbroken is a story of two women fighting to save a crumbling desert empire.  Author C.L. Clark takes us on a trip through espionage, rebellion, and war in this fantasy ...
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RELEASE – “A Million Reasons Why: A Novel” by Jessica Strawser

A Millioin Reasons Why is the story of two-women who's lives are changed forever when they discover the truth about their unbreakable bond.  Author Jessica Strawser thrusts two women together and walks ...
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RELEASE – “The Lost Village: A Novel” by Camilla Sten

The Lost Village is an unsettling thriller from Camila Sten with a story that's The Blair Witch Project meets Midsommar.  This highly anticipated tale blends mystery, religion, and horror that twists ...
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RELEASE – “That Way Madness Lies: 15 of Shakespeare’s Most Notable Works Reimagined” Edited by Dahlia Adler

That Way Madness Lies is a collection of contemporary re-imaginations of Shakespeare's most famous works.  15 Young-Adult authors have added their own interpretations of these notable stories with a focus ...
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RELEASE – “The House Uptown: A Novel” by Melissa Ginsburg

The House Uptown is a coming-of-age story about two women dealing with the death of a loved-one that breaks each of them down before they can find collective reckoning.  Author Melissa Ginsburg ...
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