RELEASE – “Calypso’s Heart: An Orion’s Order Novel” by M.C. Solaris

Calypso's Heart is a sci-fi, changeling novel about fated mates and is the first book in a brand new series by author M.C. Solaris.  Follow this story as it walks you ...
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RELEASE – “Vicious” by A.E. Murphy

Vicious is the story of Imogen Hardy, following her turbulent relationship with Kane Jessop.  Imogen tries to runaway from it all but a trip back to her hometown reconnects her with ...
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RELEASE – “What’s Your F*cking Sign?: Sweary Astrology for You and Me” by Amelia Wood

What's Your Fucking Sign is a sarcastic and fun take on the astrological makeup of all 12 members of the zodiac.  Author Amelia Wood details all the sign-specific guidance for anyone ...
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RELEASE – “Loved and Wanted: A Memoir of Choice, Children, and Womanhood” by Christa Parravani

Loved and Wanted is the story of a family in turmoil, an unplanned pregnancy, and the struggle toward an awakening.  Author Christa Parravani examines the cultural war that leaves women without sufficient agency ...
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RELEASE – “Dangerous Religious Ideas: The Deep Roots of Self-Critical Faith in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam” by Rachel S. Mikva

Dangerous Religious Ideas reveals how all religious ideas, not just extremist ones, can cause harm through critical self-examination along with the important moral teachings.  Author Rachel S. Mikva reframes the dialogue around ...
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RELEASE – “Friendly Fire: How Israel Became Its Own Worst Enemy and the Hope for Its Future” by Ami Ayalon with contributions from Anthony David

Friendly Fire is a deeply personal journey of discovery, in which author Ami Ayalon seeks input and perspective from Palestinians and Israelis whose experiences differ from his own experience living in an ...
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