This Audiobook was the result of a huge undertaking of 70 authors, organizers, and 2 narrators, all from around the world. The audiobook features Mike Mitsock narrating the essays, and Sean Pratt narrating the bios for each contributor. Some more info on the book:

If you ask 1,000 people why they believe in God, you are likely to get 1,000 different answers. This book presents 70 of them. Ron Kardos and Bruce Licht spread their net far and wide, reaching out to thought leaders – including scientists, mathematicians, political leaders, journalists, corporate leaders, artists, radio hosts, and professors – whose positions, perspectives, and backgrounds inform their belief, and whose responses speak to our hearts and minds. Their essays touch on beauty, nature, music, physics, biology, chemistry, technology, archeology, and much more, making this a must-read for everyone, believers or not.

This book is not about religion. The writers are professionals in their fields, but their essays are personal. Perhaps no single essay will provide you with all of the answers, but together, they present a compelling argument for why so many intelligent, thoughtful people believe.

Photo- narrator Mike Mitsock

Photo – narrator Sean Pratt

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