Recording Studio

We make the production process as easy as possible. Most projects follow this timeline, so if you are looking for more in depth information about our production process you have come to the right place. 

1. Consult With a Producer

Send us a request for more information using our Contact Form or by calling our office. One of our producers will reach out to you to setup a phone meeting. At that meeting you will talk about your project and go over the production process. 

We work on projects across the US and Canada. 



2. Choose Your Narrator

We will work with you to find the best narrator for your project. We have a list of over 150 available narrators including some of the best in the industry.

If you are an author doing your own narration, we will work with you to make sure that you are prepared for recording, including offering Author Narrator Coaching


3. Final Prep

At this point we go through the book and prep the manuscript for audio. We want to make sure that the narrator or the author recording in the booth knows exactly what to say and when to say it. Some books have charts, graph, and images that need to be thought about. Others have difficult words and names that will need research.

4. Recording

Narrators will begin recording at their home studios. Author narrators will begin recording at one of our partner studios. Audio files will be sent out to clients for review after and throughout the recording process. 

5. Editing/Post Production

This step is where most of the magic happens. Our editing team will go through your recorded audio and completely clean up the material. They will add spacing where appropriate, and take the first steps to making the audio compliant with submission guidelines.


6. Pickups

You might have thought you gave a flawless performance in the booth, but chances are our editors will find things that need to be re-recorded. We call these “pickups”, and authors and narrators will need to go back into the studio for a short 1-2 hours session to record these corrections. 

7. Final Product

Final audio mastering is performed by one of our post production engineers. This process will bring all audio up to submission guidelines standards and will meet the same quality requirements of major publishers. When your project is completed you will be emailed a download link where you will find both 320k mp3 and 16bit wav files.

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