RELEASE – “The Unbroken” by C.L. Clark

The Unbroken is a story of two women fighting to save a crumbling desert empire.  Author C.L. Clark takes us on a trip through espionage, rebellion, and war in this fantasy ...
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RELEASE – “A Million Reasons Why: A Novel” by Jessica Strawser

A Millioin Reasons Why is the story of two-women who's lives are changed forever when they discover the truth about their unbreakable bond.  Author Jessica Strawser thrusts two women together and walks ...
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RELEASE – “The Lost Village: A Novel” by Camilla Sten

The Lost Village is an unsettling thriller from Camila Sten with a story that's The Blair Witch Project meets Midsommar.  This highly anticipated tale blends mystery, religion, and horror that twists ...
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RELEASE – “That Way Madness Lies: 15 of Shakespeare’s Most Notable Works Reimagined” Edited by Dahlia Adler

That Way Madness Lies is a collection of contemporary re-imaginations of Shakespeare's most famous works.  15 Young-Adult authors have added their own interpretations of these notable stories with a focus ...
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RELEASE – “The House Uptown: A Novel” by Melissa Ginsburg

The House Uptown is a coming-of-age story about two women dealing with the death of a loved-one that breaks each of them down before they can find collective reckoning.  Author Melissa Ginsburg ...
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RELEASE – “The Dark Heart of Florence: A Lady Emily Mystery, Book 15” by Tasha Alexander

The Dark Heart of Florence is next installment in the Lady Emily mystery series.  Author Tasha Alexander's latest tale navigates lies, murders, and the search for hidden treasure dating back to ...
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