Not Sure If You're Ready To Narrate Your Own Audiobook?


*Author Narrator Coaching* Now Available with legendary audiobook narrator and coach Sean Pratt Twitter-@sppresents

We've teamed up with Sean Pratt to bring our author narrators something that is truly unique in the audiobook world, a narrator coaching package that is tailored towards authors looking to narrate their own audiobooks. Sean specializing in nonfiction audiobook narration. A vast majority of author narrated audiobooks are nonfiction and deeply personal. We are teaching authors the tools that will be necessary in order to have a successful audiobook recording experience and we are doing it in a way that is easily accessible to all. 

View our Author Narrator Coaching Package pdf here


The best way to get started is to send us a note using this form. Tell us who you are, what your project is, and what your goals are. 

Feel free to tell us as much as you'd like about your project, we love details!

We will respond with more information and request to setup a meeting by phone in the near future to discuss your project. 

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